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85 per cent Subsidy for Farmers to Construct Polyhouse

Abin Joseph
Abin Joseph
A Polyhouse Garden

Due to the changing weather patterns farmers often are not able to produce the maximum output that they usually could however that’s where inventions like greenhouses and ploy houses come in. The Government too is doing whatever it could to the best of its abilities so that this technology could be adapted by Farmers small and big.  The Himachal Pradesh government is offering 85 per cent subsidies to farmers who want to build Poly houses. 

Due to the tiny size of the poly homes and a lack of resources for upkeep, the poly house programme, which was intended to generate self-employment in rural regions, failed to attract farmers. The size of the poly home has been expanded from 2,000 sqm to 4,000 sqm under the new programme in order to qualify for an 85 per cent subsidy. After five years of installation or in the event of damage due to natural catastrophe, at least a 50% subsidy will be provided to replace poly sheets. 

Non-empanelled vendors can build polyhouse as long as the technical standards are met. By the end of 2017-18, the government has set a target of building 4,700 poly homes and 2,150 drip irrigation or sprinkler systems, with a subsidy component of Rs 111.19 crore. A total of 8.35 lakh hectares will be converted to poly house farming and 8.20 lakh hectares would be irrigated using micro-irrigation. Actually, this scheme of the state government is very beneficial for the farmers and gardeners. Its name is Mukhya Mantri Nutan Polyhouse Project. Under this scheme, the state government provides subsidies to farmers for setting up poly houses. So let's give more information to the farmers about this Polyhouse Project. 

What is Mukhyamantri Nutan Polyhouse Project?

Under this scheme, the state government gives subsidies to farmers for setting up poly houses, so that farmers can get good income by setting up poly houses and producing fruits and vegetables. Under this scheme, the Himachal Pradesh state government is providing an 85 per cent subsidy. In this, the farmer has to pay only 15 per cent of the amount. Along with this, the subsidy is given according to the area of ​​the greenhouse. 

How to get the benefit of the scheme?

To take advantage of this scheme, one has to apply to the Agriculture Department. After this, an amount of Rs 3 lakh 17 thousand is approved by the Agriculture Department for setting up a Polyhouse in an area of ​​252 square meters. 

Which crops should be cultivated in Polyhouse?

One can also grow off-season vegetables in Polyhouses rather than in open fields. Fruits and vegetables are mostly produced in this. The vegetables and fruits prepared in this are fresh, so the price of crops is very good in the market. One can also grow vegetables like tomato, capsicum, carrot and beans in the Polyhouses. 

Benefits of farming in a Polyhouse 

As the weather inside the Polyhouse is a synthetic phenomenon thing like temperature, moisture and even occurrences of pests etc are also something that remains in control of the owners reducing the use of pesticides and fertilisers too, thereby making it is easy to take care of the fruits, vegetables and plants grown in the Polyhouse.  

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