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CSIR-CMERI unveils ‘Aqua Rejuvenation Plant’ for treatment of Waste Water and Irrigation Applications

Prof. Harish Hirani, Director, CSIR-CMERI inaugurated the ‘Aqua Rejuvenation Plant’ for treatment of Waste Water and Irrigation Applications in presence of Subhendu Basu, Additional District Magistrate (Zilla Parishad), Paschim Bardhaman and Additional Executive Officer, Paschim Bardhaman Zilla Parishad.

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CSIR-CMERI unveils ‘Aqua Rejuvenation Plant’
CSIR-CMERI unveils ‘Aqua Rejuvenation Plant’

Prof. Harish Hirani, Director, CSIR-CMERI inaugurated the ‘Aqua Rejuvenation Plant’ for treatment of Waste Water and Irrigation Applications  in presence of   Subhendu Basu, Additional District Magistrate (Zilla  Parishad), Paschim Bardhaman and Additional Executive Officer, Paschim Bardhaman Zilla Parishad. 

Aqua Rejuvenation Plant (ARP) is an Integrated Waste Water Rejuvenation Model which has Six-Stage purification profile for comprehensive treatment of Waste Water, based upon diverse purification parameters. The approx. 24,000litres of Water that can be rejuvenated using ARP will be sufficient for almost 4 acres of Agricultural Land (barring seasonal variations in water requirements). The used filtration media have been specially developed to handle Indian Sewage Water Parameters and based upon Geographical Variations they may be modified. The filter media is also locally source-able, so as to ensure that there would not be any stress in the Supply Chain for scaled-up Manufacturing of ARP. 

Prof. Harish Hirani said, “It was observed that most old Drainage systems are choked and have Improper Sanitation Infrastructure such as cracks in the Drain Surfaces. This Sewage Water seeps down through these cracks and contaminates the soil and ground water. It was also observed in a recent study that sewage water is rampantly being used for agriculture, against NGT protocols, which is allowing the pathogens and heavy metals to get into the food crops and is having adverse health consequences for the citizens.

Recent studies also revealed that the Coronavirus can thrive in Waste Water for over a month. The Aqua Rejuvenation Plant (ARP) unveiled today have a maximum capacity to treat 40,000 litres/day in its scaled-up version. CSIR-CMERI is already a model Zero Solid Waste Ecology and with the unveiling of this technology we will incrementally reach towards a Zero Liquid Discharge Ecology. The technology is already IP protected. The treated water processed from the ARP is preferable for Agricultural usage and with enhanced settling time it can be used for Drinking purposes.

The Agricultural pockets that might be created from the usage of this treated Water will help fixation of Carbon Dioxide and will also provide Food Security for the residents. Any problem in Society can be solved through Science and for this purpose the CSR funds of various Corporates  can be utilised. Thus, implementation of technologies like the Aqua Rejuvenation Plant and the Municipal Solid Waste Management Technology can help create a Circular Economy by adhering to NGT guidelines.”

Subhendu Basu shared, “CSIR-CMERI is the pride of the region and the country. In the recent years there has been tremendous visibility of the activities of CSIR-CMERI. Prof. Hirani’s leadership has borne fruit through the development of numerous societal technologies, which is benefitting the Nation a lot and is visible in the CMERI Residential Colony. Establishing a connection between CMERI, Municipal Corporations, Agriculture and Irrigation Departments can help in creating a solid foundation for a strong partnership. For processing of Industrial waste a collaborative program among the Pollution Control Board, Industry Bodies and CMERI may be established for solving Industrial pollution related issues.” 

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