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Elearning Courses on Small-Scale Agricultural Mechanization Hire Services by FAO

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Agriculture Machinery
Agriculture Machinery

The elearning courses on Small-scale Agricultural Mechanization Hire Services are ready. They are free of charge, as a global public good, in the FAO elearning Academy. The course consists of 2 lessons, ranging from approximately 30 minutes duration each.  

The Topics dealt within the courses are; 

1. Small-scale agricultural mechanization hire services as a business enterprise 

2. Local area and market assessment  

3. Selection, assessment and purchase of power sources and Implements  

4. Managing the hire service as a business    

1.Small-Scale Agricultural Mechanization hire services as a business enterprise 

This course aims to present the provision of farm mechanization services as a viable business opportunity, in an environmentally sensitive and responsible way. It introduces the benefits of mechanization for smallholder farmers, the role of hire services in farm mechanization and the characteristics of a hire service business, in the context of sustainable crop production and with a focus on Conservation Agriculture (CA).  

2. Local Area and Market Assessment  

Managing or starting a hire service business requires a deep understanding of the local context in which owners/managers work or intend to work. This course defines practical steps for conducting a local area, support services, and financial assessment, providing examples of findings. 

3. Selection, assessment and purchase of power sources and implements

As households that own equipment and draught animals are monetizing agricultural support services, a hire service business is increasingly being viewed as a viable career option for small-scale farmers and aspiring entrepreneurs. This course provides guidance on the technical aspects as well as the business acumen required to set up and run a successful hire service business.This course is designed for a range of stakeholders with an interest in agricultural mechanization and the basics of running a hire service business.  

4. Managing the hire service as a business 

Mechanization hire service managers and machinery service providers need to know well the running of a hire service as a business, considering the essential concepts of organizational management. This course analyses the areas of diagnosis, planning, organization, leadership and control needed to manage a mechanization hire service business in an environmentally friendly way. The course covers the concepts of entrepreneurship and management, as well as organization, operations, and the correct financial management of the mechanization hire service business. 

For more details visit -  https://elearning.fao.org/course 

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