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Government Buys Special Equipment like Drones to Combat New Locust Attack

Every new crop year brings something different for farmers. It might come with new opportunities as well as challenges for agriculture professionals. And the year 2020 has brought another level of challenges with the bombardment of locust. 

After witnessing a reduction in the curb of locusts, another locusts attack from the neighboring country Pakistan has broken out and has left farmers in grave concern. In order to combat, the government of India has bought drones and specialist equipment to keep a check on the movement of locusts and spray insecticides to deflect a new outbreak that could ruin the crops, as told by government officials in a statement. 

The government is aiming towards ensuring availability of large quantities of insecticides and is buying drones and sprayers to avoid the attack.  

Many other countries over the Indian Ocean in East Africa like Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya Eritrea, and Djibouti are already facing a plague. Swarms are also spreading in countries like Tanzania, Uganda, and South Sudan. While Pakistan, which is considered to be the most affected by the locusts, has already declared a national emergency. In such a scenario, the government of India is quite concerned and is taking strong measures to deal with the scene.  

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