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Now Get Government Subsidy for Potato Cultivation

Sugandh Bhatnagar
Sugandh Bhatnagar

In many states, seeds of pulses and oilseeds are being given to the farmers on subsidy so that along with increasing the production, the income of the farmers also be increased and those farmers can also start their work whose suffered loss in the previous cropping season.

In this sequence, the Madhya Pradesh Government is giving subsidy on seeds, insecticides and spray machines to the farmers of the state for potato production. For this, applications are invited by the government. Interested farmers can apply for this and take advantage of subsidy.  

Which Farmers Can Avail the Benefit of Subsidy?  

According to the information gathered, targets have been issued for 4 districts Shivpuri, Ujjain, Sagar, Shajapur districts under the Vegetable Demonstration Program (Potato) scheme in Madhya Pradesh. A target of 600 units has been set for these 4 districts. The scheme is only for the Scheduled Caste farmers. A target has been set to provide grants to 200 farmers for Shivpuri, 200 for Ujjain, 183 for Sagar, 177 for Shajapur. 

What Materials are Covered Under the Subsidy for Potato Cultivation? 

Under this scheme, certified seeds along with other materials required for cultivation will also be given on subsidy to the farmers. Along with certified potato seed, battery cum hand sprayer pump, plastic kit, etc. will also be provided to the farmers. 

Under the potato exhibition program, the selected farmers will be given potato seeds along with other materials according to the physical target. A farmer will be given 200 kg of certified potato seed for 0.1 hectare at the rate of Rs.25 per kg. Potato seed up to Rs.5000 will be given. Along with this, Battery cum Hand Sprayer Pump 1 will be given which costs Rs 3,1754 plastic crates will be given, the cost of which is Rs 450 per plastic crate, for which a total of Rs 1800 will be charged. 

When and How to Apply to Receive the Required Materials on the Grant 

Farmer applications can be made online from 26 October 202111 am onwards. Interested farmers who want to take advantage of the scheme can register themselves with the Horticulture Department Madhya Pradesh Farmers Subsidy  

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