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Top 10 Best Gardening Tools in India

Shigraf Zahbi
Shigraf Zahbi
These gardening tools would make a big difference to your gardening endeavors

If you like gardening then you must already be aware how strenuous it is. Well, thank God, because we are living in a world where everything can be made easier. For your love of gardening, we have brought to you a list of best gardening tools in India. These would be a worthy companion for the arduous gardener in you.

Gardening Tool List

Check out some of the most important gardening tools;

Leaf Blower

A leaf blower is exactly what the name suggests. It is a gardening tool that propels air out of a nozzle and moves leaves and grass cuttings. It is most suitable for larger garden spaces. There is another kind of gardening tool called a blower vac. These work exactly the same as a vacuum cleaner — but for leaves and other gardening waste.

Secateurs or Pruning Shears

Secateurs are also known as pruning shears. Imagine them as gigantic scissors. They are used for pruning the hard branches of trees and shrubs. Other than gardening, they are used in arboriculture, farming, and flower arrangement.

Weeder or Weeder Tool

A weeder or a weeder tool is used for removing weeds from gardens and lawns. There are several types of weeders. These include crack weeder, fulcrum head weeder, and Cape Cod weeder.


A strimmer is also called a string trimmer or a weed eater. It is used for cutting grass and small weeds. A strimmer does not have a blade. Instead, it uses a whirling microfilament line. It could be used to make the grass-lined edges of your lane look extra smooth and neat.

Garden Hoe or Hoe Tool

As ancient as gardening, a garden hoe or a hoe tool is a must have for any farmer or gardener. It is used for a number of purposes including giving shape to the soil, removing weed, and harvesting root crops. It comes in various shapes, and its shape ultimately decides its function. Common examples are draw hoes, scuffle hoes, and other kinds of hoes.

Lawn Roller

Lawn rollers are heavy cylinders attached to an axle. This tool can either be towed behind a garden tractor or pulled by hand. They are used to smoothen topsoil and remove lump and uneven patches. They are also used while seeding to press the seeds into the ground.

Garden Rake

Garden rakes are like combs and even their function is to comb out leaves, hay, grass et cetera from the ground. In gardening, they are also used for loosening the soil, removing dead grass, and light weeding and levelling. Earlier rakes used to be made up of wood or iron. But nowadays, they have steel, plastic, or even bamboo teeth.

Garden Fork

Garden fork does look like something a giant would eat their noodles with! It is a gardening equipment with a handle and four short stones. It is used for various purposes in gardening and farming. These include loosening and turning of the soil. Garden forks can also take out stones and weeds from the soil. They are made up of stainless or carbon steel.


If you are an experienced gardener, you would know the importance of gloves. They save you from tricky thorns and dirt and are a great first thing to start your gardening adventure with. 

Hose Pipes

And finally, a tool to water your flower shrubs which are located in an isolated corner! Hose pipes are a very important equipment to reach every plant in your garden. 

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