Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan

Editor of Agriculture World Magazine

The Director who Inspires to Nurture the Environment and Help increase the Bee population in Delhi.
An Engineer turned Entrepreneuer Manufactures trendy Solar Cookers that cooks the heartiest of Meals faster than Gas and helps Rural Women generate a Sustainable income through the Brand KIVU
The Computer Engineer who left prospects of going to US and became an Organic Farmer and Founder of Satva Organic who developed Innovative Labour Less technology for Processing
Bayer agrees to pay $10 Billion to settle claims of Cancer: Isn’t time yet to Ban Round Up all over the World?
Earn a Profitable Business thorough Entrepreneurship in Fisheries sector says Chalasani Bhaskar, Founder, Dhakshhin Agropolis Ltd, Andhra Pradesh
Learn to Earn in Lakhs like Sampoorn Shetkari’ – A Professionally Managed Farmer’s Group from Gundegaon, Maharashtra
Narmada Residents Welfare Apartments, South Delhi Sets Example by Improving Residential Environment during COVID-19 and Reconnects with Nature
Say No To 24 Hour Composters and Remember to Connect with SwachaGraha Compost Connect (SGCC) in Bangalore
#Monsoon2020 Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre (KSNDMC): Connecting Science and Technology with Community and Governance
An Initiative for Indian Farmers to Sell Products Online Totally free: MeraMobileMeraMarketing
#Monsoon2020 The need for Installation of Raingauges in every Revenue Village and Weather Station is the need of the hour, says Dr. Prakash Former Director of KSNMDC, Karnataka
#Monsoon 2020 Coir Geotextiles Bhoovastra for Environmental Protection and Soil Erosions in Monsoons
Dr Rattan Lal, Indian -American Eminent Soil Scientist Awarded World Food Prize 2020
#Monsoon2020  Boosting Immunity - A Holistic Approach in times of approaching # Monsoon 2020 and the prevailing times of COVID-19
#Monsoon2020  Pre Sowing activities on addressing Soil Fertility and Soil Health Management
#Monsoon 2020 NCDEX and SKYMET joins hands to launch two Weather Derivative Products, the first in India
Agriculture World, Environment Day Talks: June 5 /2020
Natural Solution to Control Locust Attack says, BSc Agriculture Students, Rai Technology University Bangalore, Karnataka
Communities and Neighbourhoods came together in South Delhi and Gurgaon  to help Oriental Lily Farmer from Pithoragarh
Localicious: Peoples Movement for Local Food, an inititative by Krishna Mckenzie, Solitude, Auroville, Pondicherry
Backyards /Thodis/Badis/Food Forest/Natural Farms /Agroforestry models: Towards achieving Self Sufficiency in Food Security and Nutrition
Local Food is the ultimate solution
VANDEBHARATAM-Operation AragaPetha-Helping Distressed Ash gourd Farmers of Thirthahalli
Disinfectant oven, NEELABH by Indore Municipal Corporation Sanitizes Vegetables and keeps Corona Virus away
Thirthahalli Farmers’ Petha, A Tremendous effort to help distressed Ash Gourd Farmers at the time of COVID-19
Disinfectant Oven, NEELABH  by Indore Municipal Corporation  Sanitizes Vegetables and Keeps Coronavirus Away
Commodity markets get AGRIDEX, India first Agri Futures Index
The Importance of UN SDGs for Doubling Farmers Income
Circular Economy and Indian Agriculture

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