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Top 10 Money Making Agriculture Business Ideas in India

Shigraf Zahbi
Shigraf Zahbi
These top money making business ideas can help you earn huge profits

Agriculture has been considered as an unprofitable and labour intensive occupation for a long time. However, it is not entirely true. There are several money making agriculture business ideas in India which can be practiced. We have compiled a list of 10 extremely useful enterprises which will help you earn in lakhs.

Complete List of Money Making Agriculture Business Ideas in India 

Medicinal Herbs Farming 

We have kept this on the first number in our list because cultivation of medicinal plants for commercial purposes is one of the most important money making agriculture business ideas in India. It does not require a huge investment. All you need is knowledge about medicinal herbs and, perhaps, a license from the government.  

Quail Farming 

Quail farming is a very unique business idea. Quails are raised for both meat and eggs. This makes quail farming more profitable than other business ideas. Furthermore, the Indian climate is very suitable for raising quails.  

Broom Production 

If you want to do something truly out of the box, broom farming is the thing for you. The process of broom production is very simple and the best part is that it does not require a huge investment. You can start small and still earn a good profit in a short span of time.


Floristry means the production and trading of flowers. It might seem very mundane at first but it is an extremely profitable business. Flowers are in demand all year round and can be sold at very high prices.  

Groundnut Processing 

Groundnut processing requires basic equipment and good quality groundnuts as investment. Once you procure this, it could help you earn a lot of money as it has a very good market potential in India and abroad.  

Goat Rearing 

The good thing about goat rearing is that you need to invest a small sum in the beginning but after a year or two, it gives you back more than three times of what you had spent.  

Potato Chip Production 

Potato chip production can be started as a small and medium enterprise. Potato farming can be easily started with low investment. Furthermore, there are less chances that this business idea would fail as there is a high demand for potato chips and fries.  

Rabbit Rearing 

Rabbit rearing is a very profitable and enjoyable enterprise. They can be reared in a small area without much investment. The market demand for rabbit meat is very high and there are not enough suppliers to meet it. Angora rabbits, on the other hand, are raised for wool.

Soybean Farming 

Soybean farming is very profitable nowadays as there is a high demand for products like soy flour, soy milk, and soybean oil. Soybean cultivation can be started on a small scale in a vacant bit of land.  

If you want details about any particular money making agriculture business idea then do let us know through the comment box given below.

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