Electric Hybrid Solar Vehicle & Eco Green India 2019 (EHSE -2019)

Precisely organized for providing an overview of the latest trends on ELECTRIC, HYBRID ,SOLAR VEHICLE& ECO GREEN PRODUCTS / INDUSTRY by show casing the advance technology in ELECTRIC, HYBRID, SOLAR VEHICLE INDUSTRY& ECO –GREEN PRODUCTS has in store for all the manufacturers, distributors, dealers and traders from all over India.

EHSE ‐ 2019 is one of the Trade Shows in India concurrently being held for One day  Days presenting a communication platform to all the entrepreneurs involved in the creative and productive innovations of the Industry, covering a broad spectrum of products on ELECTRIC, HYBRID, SOLAR VEHILCE & ECO GREEN PRODUCTS.

Event Name:  Electric/ Hybrid/ Solar Vehicle & Eco Green India 2019 (EHSE -2019)

Event Date:    27 June, 2019

Event Venue: Nimhans Convention Centre, Bengaluru


  • Electric, Hybrid & Solar Vehicle Industry

  • Electric Two, Four and Three Wheeler

  • Solar Vehicles

  • Electric / Battery Golf Cart/cars

  • Electric Vehicle Accessories

  • Eco‐Green Products

  • Solar Energy

  • Wind Energy

  • Bio ‐ Fuel

  • Eco ‐ Energy

  • Grid Manufactuers

  • Emission Monitoring Systems

  • Grid Infrastructure

  • Grid Management

  • Hybrid Systems

  • Research Institutions

  • Solar Energy & Storage

  • Solar Park Developers

  • Solar Light sled Displays

  • Led Software Solutions

  • Solar Software Solutions

  • Solar Batteries

  • Green Certification

  • Green Products

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