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An Ayurvedic Doctor on a Noble Mission to Make Organic Farming Feasible

Shigraf Zahbi
Shigraf Zahbi
Shigraf Zahbi
Nripendra Singh


Nripendra Singh, an ayurvedic doctor and a farmer based in Madhya Pradesh, India spoke with Krishi Jagran on its FTB Live. Singh’s journey started with identifying the root causes of diseases like cancer and finding their natural cures. He was shocked to discover that the main factor behind the rise of such maladies was the use of DAP, urea, and other chemical pesticides. Alarmed with this fact, he started his research on organic farming.  

Novel and Nobel 

Singh and his team identified and studied various factors hindering the feasibility of organic farming. He found out that one of the major lapses was the lack of animals for animal manure, the most basic component of organic farming. Following this, they developed a product, Jeevan Jyoti, which was made of cow-urine and other organic ingredients and was free of all forms of chemical.  This initiative was not only novel but also noble as the charge for Jeevan Jyoti is only a sum of the expenses that went into its making.  

A ‘One-Stop’ Product 

The organic compound created by Singh gives a yield equal to the one provided by chemical fertilizers in the first year and an even higher yield in the second year. It not only increases production but also makes the crop healthier and leafier. What is more, fruits and vegetables smell better and even regain the originality of their taste. Singh calls Jeevan Jyoti a one-stop product as it eliminates the need of using anything else after its application. Moreover, it can be used on all kinds of crops successfully. To top it all, it costs only three-hundred and fifty Rupees.  

Farmer's Field

Singh further explained that the chief aim of his institute, Rani Jyotsna Singh Organic Farming Institute, was to promoter organic farming and combat climate disasters like global warming. He highlighted another factor which makes organic farming less popular among farmers; agriculture is no longer a profitable occupation and therefore farmers have made it a secondary source of income. This is the reason why they no longer have enough time to practice organic farming, which is a time and labor intensive method. To tackle all this, his research came to the conclusion that in order to make organic farming mainstream, it must be made more feasible.

The product devised by Singh and his team is sufficed for 1 acre of a crop-field. This means that a farmer needs to use only one product for Rs. 700 for one acre of land. Other benefits of this product include lessened water and micro-nutrients requirements and growth of micro-roots in crops. All of this makes it a truly revolutionary product. 


In conclusion, Singh’s product is cheaper, successful and quite popular among farmers already! But this is not the end; Singh aspires to take this product to a global platform and make organic farming accessible to farmers all over the world once again.  

Singh can be contacted for enquiries about his research and product, Jeevan Jyoti, at +91 9981022817.

Nripendra Singh

Nripendra Singh

Bhind, Madhya Pradesh

Jeevan Jyoti Urvak

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