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De-worming Specialist Tells How to Protect Goats and Sheep

Amit Bhatt
Amit Bhatt
Ganesh rearing the goats

Ganesh Shejul is a goat and sheep farmer from Aurangabad in Maharashtra. He specializes in de-worming and has published his video on Krishi Jagran FTB. He is owner of the brand Dudhna Goat farm. 

Ganesh has been raising goats for the last 10 years and has helped and guided many local farmers. He assists and trains these farmers, as he is an expert in managing   goats and sheep. He has published his videos on Youtube, assisting farmers not only locally, but also across Maharashtra.  

He raises goats and sells them for profit. There are three types of goats low quality, medium quality and high quality and this quality factor determines their price. To make your goats of higher quality we will have to work day in day out on the goats. You should feed your goats healthy food to make them strong. You always need good water supply for you goats and sheep farms. 

Ganesh with goats

During his long experience with goats, he has successfully experimented with breeding in goats.  He has bred local goats from Maharashtra with goats from Rajasthan and Punjab and produced mixed-breed goats.  

In the video Ganesh explains how to give the goats de-worming drugs. De-worming is a big and important part of goat farming, as worms can make your goat sick and kill your goat, leading to losses. If the goats have good digestion, they will grow properly and be of benefit to their owner. De-worming process takes place every 3 months. The goats are given different medicines every 3 months which eliminate worms. The feeding area should be  empty on the day of de-worming. Goats should not be allowed to eat or drink anything for 2 hours after being given de-worming medicine. Goats with more worms should be tagged and given another dose of medicine 5 days later. He always gets good results from de-worming. Apart from medicine you must also follow vaccination. Rest is also good for goats.

Dudhna Goat Farm

Goat rearing is a very profitable business, but you need to focus and work hard , else you may lose money. You will learn with experience. 

Ganesh Shejul

Ganesh Shejul

Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Dudhna Goat Farm

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