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How to live a Holistic Life with knowledge of the Ancients

Amit Bhatt
Amit Bhatt
Deepak Raghav - the holistic fitness guru

Deepak Raghav is a Holistic Fitness Coach, Trainer, and Consultant. He recommends agriculture based nutrition to improve the quality of life of his clients. He was recently interviewed by Megha Sharma of Krishi Jagran. He greeted the viewers with "Vande Mataram". He said the FTB platform provides the correct information to viewers and readers and connects farmers directly with consumers. He provides online and offline training and by holistic he means that he combines a number of trends into one. 

At present, farmers are focusing on how to grow. He is focusing on how to grow and what to eat, when to eat, what food is appropriate for what season, what to eat in mornings, afternoons, evenings. He also focuses on creating crop charts and what to grow when and what food item to grow and with what seeds. His holistic farming includes "junglee farming", which has food forest, farming, cow care with a mud house for yourself where you can live without energy. He said the New world order (or economic order) described by the Prime Minster needs to be followed by the youth of the country. He said every village, entire country needs to follow the "Atmanirbhar Bharat" model, and become self-sufficient, only by becoming self sufficient will we be able to survive. That was his introduction.

Holistic Farming

He was asked about the "samagra kheti" that he focuses on which he replied that it is nothing but holistic farming. He gives example of farm houses where you have wells for your water supply, which can store rain water and can be used for cooking, bathing and washing. He believes that anyone who bathes with well water will never contract any skin disease. He suggests them to use "multani mitti" or medicinal soap, which washes away into the drain which irrigates your farm, passing the medicinal qualities to the plants. They plant banana trees or mint plants alongside the well, which will be fertilized by these waste materials.

Trifala and Trikut - can heal 180 diseases together

He said that soap is not part of our "Sanatan" tradition. Then he must exercise with yoga and we tell him what kind of tree to sit under for yoga. You have trees all around your farm, 30% of these will be local, 30% of these will be medicinal, 30% of these will be FD (Fixed Deposit as he calls them - sandalwood, mahogany etc. that are quite expensive). You can make use of these trees for personal use (for medicines) and commercially. The local trees are important as seasonal birds, butterflies, honey bees come to them. You can take fruits from the trees, especially the local fruits from the local trees, as they grow in their respective seasons. 

Vedic way of life

He said he has prepared a Vedic chart of what to eat in which season according to sacred texts, which include what is to be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can make 180 products out of what your cattle gives you. Cow dung can be used as manure and with cow urine you can make beej amrit, jeev amrit and natural pesticides etc. Cow dung from a cow is good enough to farm 30 acres of farm land. Rest of the dung can be used for cow dung cakes which can be used as fuel instead of wood for cooking. Everything that you need to eat, grains and masalas, ghee you will get from the farm and your cows. The nature lovers and minimalists will easily make a good life out of such a system. If you don't want to live king size, you are not greedy you can make an excellent life over 1 acre of land through such a system. You won't need to sell anything or buy anything. This holistic lifestyle will minimize the carbon footprint and you will be able to protect the five elements that form this earth. 

This holistic approach will have to be followed by all humans sooner or later, as it is the only way for us to survive. Naturally, grown produce is full of nutrition. Our culture focuses on "nutrition per acre", and we must never eat junk food. A chapati made of millets has enough energy in it to last for a day. You can start by building your mud house with cow dung plastered all over it, which will make it anti-bacteria, anti-virus and anti-fungus. Those interested in tea can make it out of their lemongrass plants. He said you can take juice in the morning, lassi or curd in the afternoon and milk in the evening. Milk is mostly recommended for malnutrition, he continues, but farmers due to their daily nutrition needs can also take it. 

Panchtatva team and Deepak's Consultancy card

Problems with holistic farming

On being asked about the problems he faced initially with holistic farming, he replied that in India desi seeds and desi trees are now extinct. These trees recommended by the sacred texts are nowhere to be found and he fears that with extinction of these desi trees India will cease to exist. He said there are 3 types of seeds - desi, hybrid and GMO. With desi seeds, you can grow more seeds and farm for generations. He said hybrid seeds do not produce seeds and we become dependent on seed providers. He said you can control a country by controlling its food supply and energy needs.

He said that some companies wanted to control the agriculture industry by making them dependent on their seeds. India's farmer does not own seeds, fertilizers or irrigation facilities leading him to hardships. In his holistic approach you own everything, the seeds and fertilizers are yours. GMO seeds stands for genetically modified seeds. As an example, he explains that papaya "red lady 786" is a poison box, you eat it and you will have to be admitted in a hospital. He said it causes food poisoning which can lead to miscarriage in pregnant ladies. He said it was promoted for greater productivity but in reality it kills the soil fertility. It carries fungus and it has been promoted as a variety that will earn you 8-9 lakhs per acre, while it sells at Rs 5 per Kg. These imported seeds, he claims, kill the crops and human race. Seeds are something that farmers need to think seriously about. He said he doesn't want to talk about the topic of GMO anymore.

Next he attacks the Hybrid seeds, claiming that crops that are grown through these seeds are never cooked but these just melt. Eating such food can lead to infertility, and is very dangerous to the human race, he believes. He has not supported his comments through scientific evidence, but in this country everyone is free to express themselves. 

So, he says desi seeds are the best and they are not only nutritious but delicious. Crops grown from these seeds are good for our health as is evident from how your body reacts.    

How to grow and identify desi seeds

On being asked how can we produce desi seeds and how to differentiate between desi, hybrid and GMO, he said that he has recently provided over 100 farmers with desi seeds. His organization has programs like "Kisan Sathi", "Kisan Mitra" and "Family Farmer" and they provide courses for "Holistic cow care". He has hired 10 persons and their only task, day in day out, is conserving seeds. He said he will be able to provide very few seeds to those farmers demanding these as these are nearly extinct. He said as for detecting the type of seed you have, you will learn about it after eating it's produce or while observing how the plants are growing in the fields. For this he takes the example of wheat seeds, desi variety of which he says will tolerate bad weather and other problems, while the hybrid will fail while facing these problems. He said desi seeds are not affected by fungus and are more tolerant to diseases.    

He said it's like comparing desi cow with jersey cow, while our desi cows survive through rain, thunder, heat, will live in jungles the jersey cow will fall sick under any of these conditions. You need to keep these in refrigerated conditions and give pills and still they don't produce enough milk. He claims that these cows give negative vibrations and their dung and urine is not useful. He said hybrid seeds are given to you with promise of high productivity, but they damage your family life. You will need medicines with such food, you will need to go to IVF clinics which will affect your relationships. Awareness about these issues even when detected by farmers, is not spread due to fear of these big companies. These persons are threatened and harassed but he is willing to come forward with these revelations as somebody will have to take initiative out of the population of more than a billion. 


On being asked about the programs that they are carrying out, he said as part of the "Kisan Sathi" program they are carrying out Zoom meetings, with India's leading activists and experts, and they discuss their expertise. They have 20, 30, 40 week courses where the students are supported online and offline. Their aim is to protect cow, guru and basil. They want to protect the desi cows so these scams in the name of fertilizers can be avoided. They want to protect basil as it not only purifies air, but purifies anything it come in contact with. To him guru means knowledge. We want to know the type of farming we must start, what methods, techniques to follow, what inputs we must make. He himself has attended a number of courses in USA, UK, Australia and of course India, learnt about a number of new agricultural topics including "Miyawaki forest". He next talked about Subhash Palekar, the father of Natural farming. He said there are some new talks about regenerative farming, which like his concept of "holistic farming" has been created from Subhash Palekar's concept of natural farming. Despite these people having picked up clues from him they do not give reference to him. On the other hand he proudly calls Subhash Palekar his guru. He gives classes to overseas students, talks with farming intellectuals and scientists. They all agree that these new methods will be productive but will their methods be followed by the general public, is in doubt.

Panchtatva Concept

Next we asked him to tell us about the Panchtatva concept. He said that they have prepared the Panchtatva products after great research. He said the holy texts say that Trifala and Trikut can heal almost 180 diseases. There is no disease on the planet that cannot be cured by Trifala and Trikut. He said any learned man who uses these two together will recover from anything. He said 'vaidyas' (traditional doctors) kept just Trifala and Trikut with ash, and prescribed them in combination of other food items and there was no need for hospitals. But now the forests are being wiped out, we have no desi seeds or desi cows and our traditional knowledge is being polluted. He said what we are being taught by the education system is all wrong. He says all this is international conspiracy against India so the country doesn't progress. 

Rajiv Dixit was able to teach him about India what the education system, International courses could never teach him. He says its written in holy books that it’s very difficult to be born India and that too in Braj. He read a book "Banko ka Mayajal" which taught him about financial institutions how money is printed, circulated. Having learnt all this he chose a down to earth lifestyle and is able to make right thoughtful decisions. Everyone must do something productive in their life. He used to be dependent on his habits, but after listening to Rajiv Dixit, his views about life and everything changed. He says having adapted this simple attire and lifestyle he is the happiest person in the world.

How to purchase his Products

We asked him about how to purchase these products from him, he said just message him on WhatsApp, these will be wrapped and sent to you. He showed use a bottle of arandi oil or castor oil, known as chia in Braj. It helps you with any ailments and is like 'amrit' (nectar). He suggested that if anyone needs, he can collect a document from them about this oil. He continued that why are people spending so much on medicines or hospitals when everything can be cured with Trifala, Trikut and arandi oil. He said that the public should be educated about the benefits of these traditional medicines through 3-5 day courses. He is planning to launch a course himself. All they have to do is invest 5 days and they will be healthy for 100 years of their life.

“We will provide you a calendar and list of medicines which you should keep with yourself for life. We will suggest to you what to do and what not to do, to keep yourself healthy. He is willing to write with his blood that with this Vedic lifestyle you will stay healthy. He next shows us a bottle of "Gow Mutra" (Cow Urine), from Uttarakhand cows. The benefits, qualities of Cow Urine are too many to count. Whatever good we say about cows is too less to describe. “ he said.

Recently we learnt about deadly diseases in children and women caused by mosquito bites. To counter these they have developed a special oil which will protect and fragrant your life. He then showed another product named "Tulsi" which helps in purifying water. The RO filtered water and water we bath with causes hair loss, whitening of hair, loss of eyesight. 70 percent of our body is water. In our ancient texts we have details about how to store it, how to consume it, how to purify it but people nowadays we don't have time for all this. Add 5 drops of our "Tulsi" into water in your pitcher and you have alkaline water ready, which is anti-viral, anti-fungal. Drinking alkaline water protects you from backache, headache, cold, cough. "Tulsi" is the protective armor, the "Laxman Rekha", which will keep you healthy. He repeated that our body is 70 percent water, hence good quality water will bring you good health and detoxicate you. He said he doesn't have any more products but he believes that you don't need more than, 5-10 products to keep yourself healthy and you will have an enjoyable life.

Farmer, traditional Doctor and Content Writer

He is a farmer as well as a "vaidya" (traditional doctor), we asked him to elaborate on this, i.e. what all treatment procedures he follows. His "Panchatatva" Facebook page is followed by over 3 Lakh followers. He said his organization aims to provide free treatment to 10 patients every day. Rajiv Dixit's lessons gave him this idea of free treatment. He said his parents and grandparents, instead of educating him themselves, sent him to a college of Delhi University. After he took interest in Rajiv Dixit's lessons they started to teach him telling him that what he has learnt they already know. He while studying in college was dreaming of settling overseas in the western world, live a modern life. But his father connected with him and they never thought that he would follow the traditional way of life, talking of cows and farms. His father taught him what he had learnt through experiences in his life. Even his grandfather shared his knowledge with him. 

He said that he is also a content writer and writes blogs every day on his "Panchatatva" Facebook page. He wants people to find on his pages anything they want to know about holistic treatment. He has recently connected with Anuj Wadhwa and they have decided to write online about the "Sanatan" knowledge and experiences of their parents, grandparents and ancestors. They plan to write all this on a website before this knowledge is extinct. This knowledge is in public domain and anyone can treat himself by following what we have published. He said they are not trying to hide anything, as they are working for the benefit of the society. Apart from this service, if someone contacts them about ailments, they are treated on a one-to-one basis through WhatsApp. That's why they are able to provide advise to 10 patients only. He now has a team of 50 individuals and they are aiming to heal 500 patients everyday. 

Life in Corporate sector

Then, we requested him to share his experience of his work in the corporate sector. He replied that he has excellent policymaking skills due to his work in the corporate sector. If any company is suffering losses, he can come to their aid by making policies that will take them to safer shores. There are a number of activists in India who dream and plan but are never able to execute them. If they come in contact with him, he promises to guide them in the right direction. 


Fighting Corona Pandemic

We requested him to give our viewers and readers a message about how to tackle Corona virus, how they can guard themselves, how they can treat themselves with ayurvedic medicines. He said they have contacted the state governments and ministers and have treated successfully Corona patients. They have thrown a challenge to the country that they can heal any Corona patient. They also have a booklet about how to tackle Corona. He claims that he can treat anyone with Corona in 3 days. His team has treated 50,000 patients, details of whom he offered to share with us. He said it’s an average flue, and you need to treat the deficiencies in you. You just need to come here and think positively for 3 days and you will heal. He has treated patients from overseas countries like Switzerland. He said that, through his guru-friends across the country, he has offered to heal any Corona patient. Their "3 day diet" has healed not only commoners but also the elite of the country like bureaucrats, scientists and intellectuals. 

Plans for future and a good life 

We asked him his plans for the future and he replied that you firstly need to understand the "New World Order", if you don't you should leave this planet. You have not understood what God is, the five elements earth, sky, air, fire and water that form our body are god. You need to understand what these elements need. To understand the "New World Order" you need to hear to Rajiv Dixit. If you want to survive you need to learn about all these facts. He finally said that he understood the kind of person he himself is, after hearing to Rajiv Dixit. He understood that the more materialistic you are, the more sad or difficult your life will be. Money is not the solution to our problems, you must organize yourself to live an enjoyable and meaningful life.

Deepak Raghav

Deepak Raghav

Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

Brand - Shree Panchtatva (Farming to Fitness)

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