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Meet Erode Couple Who Earns a Turnover of 20 Lakhs per year from 32 types of Honey & Honey Based Products

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Manjula-Parthiban, Erode District, Tamil Nadu
Manjula-Parthiban, Erode, Tamil Nadu

Manjula-Parthiban, a couple from Kolappalur village, Gobichettipalayam, Erode district, has been making beneficial honey production as their business and making many value-added products from it. The Couple has won various awards from the Central and State Governments for beekeeping and honey production. Manjula states that she has attended the training camp held at the Coimbatore Agricultural University through the National Bee Board and has obtained the relevant certificate. Due to the various training they have received, they have introduced various technologies in beekeeping and effectively manufactured honey-based value-added products and sold them to various districts. Manjula said she was able to run the company better with the full cooperation and encouragement of her husband Parthiban, a government transport operator. 

Manjari Pure Honey
Manjari Pure Honey

They spoke in detail about their Honey Based Value-Added Product Company Manjari honey at 'Farmer the Brand' event held on the Krishi Jagran Tamil Nadu Facebook page. They have been involved in honey value-adding for the past 10 years. Honey has been always helping in curing many ailments and providing various nutrients (Micro-Nutrients) to the body says Manjula and Partisan. 

Manjula receiving award on beekeeping and honey production
Manjula receiving award on Beekeeping and Honey Production

Value Added Products 

32 types of Honey Products are sold, including Neem honey, Stingless Bee Honey, Drumsticks Honey, Garlic Honey, Honey Amla, Paneer Rose Honey, Honey cake, Honey Biscuit, Honey Jelly, Honey Ice Cream, Honey Grapes Juice, Honey Jam Lollypop. Honey with honeycomb is sold at Rs 1000 per kg, Pure Honey at Rs 550 per kg, Neem Honey at Rs 1200, Drumstick Honey at Rs 800, Honey Jelly for Rs 450 and Honey Cake for Rs 1100. 

They have collaborated with Divyam Honey Ice creams and Bharti for Honey cake making. Honey cakes are popular which is made using only whole wheat flour, butter, honey, almonds, cashews, and dried fruits without any additives such as ordinary sugar maida processed ingredients, making it popular with the general public. 

Honey Cakes
Honey Cakes

The couple says that the sale of honey-based value-added products requires more attention, noting that it would not be as reliable if sold simply in bottles. Their consumers like their products more because they pack them have attractively and sell it safely.  

Pure Honey harvested by Manjula & Parthiban
Pure Honey harvested by Manjula-Parthiban

Beekeeping Training 

Parthiban also provides training on beekeeping to farmers in the area and arrange for them to start businesses. Those who want to raise bees, spend 6 thousand rupees to buy beehives in the shade of trees. 

Parthiban said that up to 10 kg per box of honey can be produced per year and the maintenance is needed only once a month. They said that this honey does not spoil for many years and if you make a habit of adding honey to your diet, you can get rid of many diseases. 

He also adds on to say that bees do harm only if the bee-friendly environment is hindered, bees reproduction is hindered or the temperature is favorable for them. Parthiban encourages beekeepers that if they are interested in raising more bees, they can easily grow bees even on the roof of the house. Beekeeping on agricultural lands generally yields higher yields and the fruits and vegetables are grown there are more nutritious. 

Manjula and Parthiban

Manjula and Parthiban

Erode, Tamil Nadu

Apiculturist, Manjari Honey, Awarded with National Nutrition awardee 2018

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