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Paudhshalam Nursery: Supplying Plants for Gardens, Homes and Farms

Amit Bhatt
Amit Bhatt
Anil Thadani - the Horticulturist

Anil Thadani is a progressive farmer from Rajasthan and owner of the brand Paudhshalam, "A Growing Seed". He has done his degree in "Masters of Agriculture", specialising in "Vegetable Science". He recently released his video on FTB.

Thadani  started with showing us his excellent nursery where he shows us the flower plants and seedlings. He started farming and that too organic farming in 2018. He talks of how he opened his nursery in Jaipur, Rajasthan which he has named Paudhshalam. Here they prepare seedlings and plants for vegetables, flowers and fruits. 

They prepare organic manure like vermicompost, compost and soil mixture. They also prepare liquid fertilizer. These are supplied and provided to farmers who need them and come to them. They prepare a great variety of plants for decoration and use in homes, which they provide on order and they even have home delivery facility for local customers.  

Plants and Vertical Gardening

In Jaipur nowadays they are working on terrace gardening and vertical gardening. For terrace gardening  you need to setup in different ways for different plants. If you want grass on your terrace, you need to  setup the soil bed first on which grass will grow. Using pots you can grow any type of flower plants. You can even grow vegetables on your terrace. With vertical gardening you can grow your plants on a vertical panel. These structures are either freestanding or attached to the walls. Vertical gardens free up space in your house or office and  are easy to maintain. These are attractive to look at. These gardens are also known as living green walls or live walls. The vertical gardens can be grown indoors or outdoors. 

Logo of the brand Paudhshalam

All plants purify air and some are specifically used for this purpose and are known as air purifier plants, which are quite popular and are supplied by the Paudhshalam nursery. Some of these are capable of absorbing the arsenic chemicals in air and hence are very useful and popular. 

Terrace gardening is getting popular in Jaipur. You can easily plant and grow vegetables on these gardens. This method can also be used by farmers with limited space to grow vegetables. This method will give them extra area and more income. They also provide organic manure and fertilizers to urban farmers  following this particular type of gardening. 

You can check out their nursery online at instagram.com/paudhshalam. You can even call them at 8619008455. The nursery is open from Tuesday to Sunday, for any purchase you are interested in or for consultation. Please click here to see the video yourself. 

Anil thadani

Anil thadani

Jaipur, Rajasthan


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