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Pradhan Machine: a Multi-Function Agri Machine Invented out of Experience

Amit Bhatt
Amit Bhatt
Gurucharan Pradhan - the Inventor

Gurucharan Pradhan is based out of Talita, small Village in Bonaigarh Tehsil in Sundargarh District, in Odisha. He is proud inventor and owner of the Pradhan machine. He spoke about this machine in the recently released FTB video. 

A farmer by profession, Gurucharan invented this machine to make his life as a farmer easy. He said this machine can perform as much work in a day that 10 labourers will be able to perform together. He said it is as simple to operate as a sewing machine. Practice makes perfect. It will not take much time to learn to operate it and the more you work on the machine more comfortable you will be using it. This machine is cheap compared to what it does. Its initial cost is Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 30,000. 

He then shows us his machine that he has built with all of his experience. How this machine came into being is a long story, he continuously upgraded to make this multi-functional machine. This is a multi-purpose all-in-one machine. He showed us how to operate it. 

Multi Part Machine

He proudly shows us his machine which he has developed on his own. He show us in the video mostly demonstrations of how his machine performs the different tasks. His wife often helps him in these tasks when more than one person is required for the activity. He is almost at retirement age but he still focuses on his tasks and works enthusiastically. The different tasks that this machine is capable of performing are below:  

  • It chops straws for cattle. A dynamo is fitted with it.  So, you can manually chop straws and simultaneously produce electricity through the dynamo. 
  • You can use it to separate corns from maize.
  • You can sharpen your tools like axe, cutter etc with this machine.
  • You can use it to grate coconuts.
The Complete Machine
  • It also works as a thrasher for groundnut and paddy. 
  • It can be utilized to segregate debris from paddy or rice.
  • It can be used as turmeric grinder. 
  • It can grind ayurvedic plants and fruits. A pestle is fitted with the machine for this purpose.
  • In addition to this he has attached a rubber with the pestle. This pestle can be used while making rice out of paddy. It would keep the outer covering (brown covering) of the rice intact. Eating rice with this brown covering can guard you against many ailments.  

Most of these tasks are performed at a great speed by the machine. This is a green coloured big and noiseless machine. This machines automates a number of tasks that take lots of human effort, hence reducing labour and time required on these tasks. He shows us the different parts of the machine, which combine to form his complete machine. This machine has made him self sufficient with little need for labour.

This multi-function machine needs to be operated differently for different tasks. Sometimes he uses his hands to operate sometimes his legs and at other times, he uses his hands and legs together. Most of the tasks need to be performed standing but for some you need to bend, for others you will have to sit. This machine performs very well and has never failed him. This machine like any machine saves you time and effort. This machine does not require electricity and is operated manually. Click here to see the video yourself.

Gurucharana Pradhan

Gurucharana Pradhan

Sundargarh, Odisha

Owner of Pradhan Farm Machine

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