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Story of Woman Organic Farmer Who is Earning 3 Lakhs per Month

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia

When the whole world is fighting against corona pandemic and going through financial crisis, agribusiness has opened many doors for entrepreneurs. Moreover, agriculture is a field which is growing rapidly across the globe amid this dark crisis. A woman organic farmer from Cuddalore District of viruthachalam region, Tamilnadu has proved again that you can make it big if you have patience and passion for doing something in life.

Today we will tell you the story of woman who is earning 3 lakhs through farming.

Let's listen her journey of success from her own mouth.

Can You please tell us about yourself

I am Girija, from Cuddalore District viruthachalam region, I am very proud to introduce me as Female farmer and also very glad to be an organic farmer. I was doing organic farming for 3 years. My childhood interest made me to became a farmer. I have not belonged to agriculture family and break the Statement that, family background is also essential to succeed in farming.

My mother is my role model

My mother is always doing gardening. So she is a role model for me. We have Rice Mill. our  sisters five of us work there. So our customers gave a name as Pappas. That is Pappas Rice Mill. In that name carried my Band also as Pappas rice.

Monkeys are the biggest challenge

In Viruthachalam many monkeys are roaming very often to agriculture land and destroy all our efforts. Because of that, monkeys are the biggest challenge for me in beginning. It put so many determinations on my way.

Actually I do not know anything about farming, When entered. But my mother’s gardening activity, brought me now as a farmer. Since the beginning I have also done In-Organic farming or chemical farming.

But farming relevant magazines taught me about its disadvantages. So that is my eyeopener. Then I started to do organic farming, while the first yield itself gives big competition to chemical farming as well as best benefits.

After that, I started to do more varieties of traditional paddy such as karuppu kavuni, Thuya malli, Mappillai samba etc. At the same times farming relevant books gave more information about natural fertilizers also. So I followed thoroughly with my wholehearted dedication.

I purchased all type of seeds from saratha ashram, and also given sales to them. This way, I came to know more techniques and doing my organic farming successfully. For my success in all stage, my husband and son are the backbone support.

According to sales, when you give seeds and also rice, it will give double benefits. Apart from that, if you have farmers group, that will be very easy to sale your product. Now we have a farmers group in the name of Ponner Farmers. Through this my products are getting sale as much as earlier, because people were more aware of that.

Now I am earning 3 lakhs along with my house wife duties and farming. It gives more pleasure to me being an Entrepreneur.

When more and more organic farmers come, we will give the greenish nature to our next generation.

All female farmers must come and do organic farming, they will easily get success. This is my recommendations to Newly come young and dynamic female farmers. 



Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu

Owner of Pappa Organic Rice

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