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Succeeding through Continuous Learning: An Award Winning Organic Farmer from Rajasthan

Amit Bhatt
Amit Bhatt
Dharmendra Nagar

Dharmendra Nagar released his video on FTB about his agri business. He starts by wishing all the readers and viewers of Krishi Jagran. He is from Ganeshpura village located in Bundi Tehsil  of Bundi district in Rajasthan. He has been in farming since 2016 and has tried to innovate with  different varieties and techniques. He said he has put in a lot of hard work in his farming. 

On his farm where he is standing, Nagar grows chia, quinoa, black rice and Paigambari wheat. The Paigambari wheat is sugar free and therefore very good for consumption. He packages his products before selling them in the market. For example after packaging his chia packets, these are bought by local farmers or anyone interested in purchasing them. He also sells his products online and he delivers on order, through courier or post. 

He has felt encouraged and motivated towards farming since he has been able to triple his income from the farm and a number of magazines and media groups have come to interview him about his achievements and success in farming, especially his farming methods. ICAR OCP Foundation has given him the Krishi Vaigyanik award, he mentioned proudly. 

Dharmendra in his farm

Nagar said he is following the traditional and organic methods for farming and is getting  good results in terms of productivity and never uses chemicals either as fertilizers or as pesticides. His chemical free produce are in great demand and his customers are enjoying these offerings. 

He then pulls out packets  from a bag and show us these packages of 1 Kg each. He showed us 1 Kg packets of chia and black rice. His black rice are often bought by farmers as seeds, as they want to grow crops the way he has. He said he is satisfied with what he earns.

Business Card with Contact Details

Dharmendra continued that he has started growing Paigambari wheat this year and this has been in reports in the media. This wheat is fiber rich and known for its good taste. This is a desi variety and they ordered the seeds from Madhya Pradesh. We will observe this year the productivity of this variety in our farms and taste this wheat first hand. If the  results are satisfactory we will recommend this variety to our fellow farmers. To see the video for yourself, click here.

Dharmendra Nagar

Dharmendra Nagar

Bundi, Rajasthan

Shree Haldar Agro Organics

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