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This Dental Technician, Pharmacist and Progressive Farmer, Kupwara, J&K who does Vermicomposting Business and is on a mission to spread Organic Farming

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Freshly harvested Vermicompost
Freshly harvested Vermicompost

Tariq Al Parrah is a qualified Pharmacist and Dental Technician from Baramullah. But he was interested in Nature and making Organic Fertilizers. In the year 2008,he left his job and got involved in commercially producing Vermicompost and on a mission to spread Organic Farming.

Bags of Vermicompost

His Company is a registered one and named Kashmir Organic Fertilisers and it makes some of the best Vermicompost in India. He has been certified as a dedicated worker from the Krishi Vigyan Kendra. The KVK in J and K utilizes his expertise in the mission to boost organic farming in Kupwara region and also they are in need of his red worms for decomposing cow dung. SKUAST has registered him as a Progressive farmer from the year 2013.

Rich and friable vermicompost
Rich and friable vermicompost

Tariq started his Vermicompost plant in the year 2008. The Progressive Farmer outlines the Preparation of quality Vermicompost as:

  1. Prepare Vermi- beds of 10x3x2 (lxbxd) size of brick + mud
  2. The Vermi beds should be covered with a rooftop ( paddy grass) for avoiding hot temperatures and coldness during summers and winters respectively
  3. Once the beds are ready to shift the raw material (cow dung+ dry agriculture waste etc) into the vermi beds
  4. The raw material (cow dung etc) is stored for the pre-decomposition period for at least 21 days so that maximum water + methane gas is removed
  5. Spread the raw material in the pits uniformly and ensure 85% moisture in the  beds
  6. Add earthworms (red worm mostly) to the pits at three points viz corner + middle + corner point.
  7. If the size of the pit is 10 x 3x2 , the quantity of earthworks required is 1.5 kg.
  8. Turn the raw material (cowdung+ Agri waste) in the pits after 15 days.
  9. Three (3) turnings per cycle of Vermicompost are required and moisture is also ensured Earthworm
  10. Seive it (1.5- 2.0 mm seive size) and store it in your unit for a weeks time
  11. The Vermicompost is packed after 7 days of harvest and dispatched to market
  12. The final product Vermicompost is ready after 45 days.
Rich and friable vermicompost
Tariq Ah Parra

Tariq Ah Parra

Baramullah, Jammu & Kashmir


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