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Why Organic Farming is better than Inorganic Farming?

Amit Bhatt
Amit Bhatt
Badri Bhai Soma Bhai Patel

Badri Bhai Soma Bhai Patel of Dharampur Village, Desar Taluka in District Vadodra, Gujarat is an Organic farmer. He released his video on FTB detailing why to go Organic. He is owner of the brand Jabak Organic farm.

He started farming with inorganic farming over 1 bigha land. As he went into farming without complete knowledge in 5 years time his land turned barren and his produce was of low quality, as he used lots of chemicals in the form of fertilizers and pesticides. He suspected that his produce was inedible and may be poisonous and not fit for human consumption. These chemicals even affected and polluted the environment. He said when farming you should take future generations into consideration and leave farms for them on which they can farm easily when they take over. Taking all these things in his stride he started with organic farming to produce chemical free crops.  

He always suspected while growing with Inorganic methods that his produce was full of chemicals. In name of Green Revolution chemicals were used as fertilizers and medicine (pesticides/insecticides) to boost production instantaneously. He has found through experience that organic farming is better in the long run. It is much better for you mentally and physically. He said you must farm according to the laws of nature. 

Organic Products Stall

So, solution to all of our problems lies in Organic farming. He stopped using Urea which had high Nitrogen content. Adding bacteria to rejuvenate the soil seemed much better idea, which created the ecological balance. This reduced our production costs, helped in conserving the environment and reducing the global warming. Polluting our environment results in unexpected or no rains, excessive heat in summers and excessive cold in winters.  

The multinational companies and chemical lobbies are still promoting their products as safe  products which is not true, as these are harmful for your land, health and economic conditions. He says he is much better off financially now with organic farming than when he was farming inorganic ways.  You can farm year on year  with organic ways which is not possible with inorganic as the soil looses its fertility.  

Selling Organic Produce

Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF) also follows organic methods. Our entire farming community has slowly risen to the fact that Inorganic methods should be done away with, for a better future for next generations. If there are financial issues with some farmers, then the farmers can share their produce  with each other and survive.  

I have been promoting and increasing the awareness of the local community about organic farming since 2010. He has shared his number on local farmers whatsapp group from where anyone can contact him regarding help and information about organic farming. You invest less and produce more. He has helped farmers with no experience or technical knowledge and introduced them to the markets. I have tried to give a voice to the local farmers and organize them. 

He finally tells the viewers that populations have kept increasing and land available per person is reducing, and to survive you must follow the laws of nature. Keep sharing your produce with each other. 

Badri Bhai Soma Bhai Patel

Badri Bhai Soma Bhai Patel

Vadodara, Gujarat


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