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Why Indian Gooseberries is called a Power House

Professor Rajendra Kumar
Professor Rajendra Kumar

Indian gooseberry is a cheap fruit, but best in qualities. It is available in all Indian vegetable markets from December to April. As it is not expensive, all people can afford it easily. In India , people generally use it in making many dishes such as pickle. Apart from the kitchen use , it is also well known for making Ayurvedic medicines. For instance, gooseberry is the main ingredient of 'Chyavanaprasam', the famous ayurvedic product. Many researches were carried out to find out the health benefits of Indian gooseberry. All of them show that it is incomparable and unique as far as its medicinal values are concerned.

First of all, its importance lies in the fact that it improves the overall immunity system in our body. If you include it in your daily diet , you can prevent many diseases. It can eliminate the root causes of several ailments. Let's see some of the medicinal qualities of this fruit.

During this era of pandemic, gooseberry is and excellent choice for avoiding cough and cold. Needless to say that strengthening our lungs at this time is the need of the hour. 

It is said that vitamin C is present in gooseberry in large scale.Our body can absorb this in an easy manner in comparison with other elements contained in the fruit. This fact adds the significance of consuming gooseberries in our everyday life.

In modern life, obesity is a major threat to our health and longevity. As obesity poses health issues like diabetes, cardiac diseases , high blood pressure, etc., we should be highly vigilant to guard ourselves from the menace. It is revealed that gooseberries can help us in reducing our body weight considerably. If you take a glass of gooseberry juice before your meal, your consumption of food will be less. No doubt, it will lead to weight loss. A type of protein present in gooseberry  helps you to control the tendency of your intake of more food. Besides, the fibre and tannic acids in the fruit improves your bowel systems.

Gooseberry has antibiotic properties which develop the immunity system in the body. They also contain antioxidants in huge quantity. This helps to prevent even the dreaded diseases like  cancer.

Issues related eyesight is another area where gooseberries can help us. Karotin present in the fruit is said to be helpful in improving eyesight. So the people who are suffering from diseases like cataract should eat gooseberries daily.

Diabetic patients can control their sugar level in  blood,  if they consume this medicinal fruit as part of their menu. Gooseberries contain chromium in a considerable amount. This not only controls the sugar level in blood but also reduces the bad cholesterol in our body. It can also lower the risk of high blood pressure.

In addition to the above, there are many other health benefits attributed to gooseberry. It is good for constipation and acidity. The fibre in the fruit acts as a guard agaist illnesses like ulcers. It is also good for the hair growth. This fruit can prevent dandruff in an effective way. If mixed with honey, gooseberries can protect your skin properly.

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