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7th Pay Commission Latest Update: Central Govt Employees & Pensioners to Get 4% Hike in DA & DR Soon

Dearness Allowance or DA is paid by the Centre to its employees and pensioners to counterbalance the impact of inflation. It is again expected to increase by 4% soon in July. Check all calculations about the expected raise inside.

Shivani Meena
DA & DR to increase soon
DA & DR to increase soon

Good news is coming once again for central employees and pensioners. However, for this, they will have to wait for two to three months. The dearness allowance and dearness relief of central employees and pensioners are expected to increase by up to 4% this time.

The All India Consumer Price Index (AICPI) has registered a single digit increase in the data released for March, in such a situation, it is believed that the dearness allowance will increase once again. It is expected that there may be an increase of up to 4% in the Dearness Allowance (DA) & Dearness Relief (DR) of employees in July-August. If this happens, the DA and DR of employees and pensioners will increase from 34 to 38%.

Revision is done twice a year in DA

In fact, under the 7th Pay Commission, there is a revision twice in dearness allowance and dearness relief of central employees. The first is given in January and the second in July. On March 30, the government had increased the DA and DR by 3%. After which it increased from 31% to 34%.

Dearness Allowance is given to improve the living conditions of government employees. It is given to government employees, public sector employees, and pensioners. The reason for giving it is that the standard of living of the employees should be maintained even with the rising inflation.

If there is a revision in DA and DR in July, then it can again see an increase of 4%. The AICPI index has seen a jump of 1 point in March 2022 after two consecutive months of decline in the data. This is the reason why the hope of increasing DA has come. However, the numbers for April, May, and June are yet to come, only after which the final decision will be taken.

There was a slight decline in January and February. The data had come down to 125.1 in January, which had come down to 125 in February. Now it has increased to 126 in March. If it increases further in the coming months, then the DA is sure to increase. According to reports, there may be a 4% increase in DA again in July. This will benefit more than 50 lakh government employees and 65 lakh, pensioners.

Employees with 18000 basic salary will get the benefit of Rs 8640

Similarly, after the dearness allowance becomes 38 %, employees with 18 thousand basic salary will get DA of Rs 6,840. These employees are currently getting Rs 6,120 at the rate of 34 % DA. That is, their monthly salary will increase by Rs 720. In this way, the annual salary will increase by Rs 8,640.

Employees with a basic salary of Rs 56,900 Will get the benefit of Rs 27312

On the other hand, the employees whose basic salary is Rs 56,900, they will get Rs 21,622 as DA on getting a 38% dearness allowance. At present, according to 34% DA, such employees are getting Rs 19,346, so their monthly salary will increase by Rs 2,276. Therefore, the annual salary will increase by Rs 27312.

At present, DA is being provided at the rate of 34%

In July 2021, the Center increased dearness allowance and dearness relief from 17% to 28%. The central government had stopped DA for almost one and a half years due to the coronavirus pandemic. The DA for central government employees increased to 31% in October 2021 with a further increase of 3%. Now it has been increased from 3% to 34%.

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