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Coronavirus Affects Agricultural Exports to China

While Corona Virus is creating hue and cry across the globe, taking at least 315 lives in China so far, it has also affected the agricultural exports and socio-economic conditions of the neighboring countries. As per reports, Vietnam's agriculture sector is likely to be the worst hit by the coronavirus in China, said Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyễn Xuân Cường.

Pronami Chetia

While Corona Virus is creating hue and cry across the globe, taking at least 315 lives in China so far, it has also affected the agricultural exports and socio-economic conditions of the neighboring countries.  As per reports, Vietnam's agriculture sector is likely to be the worst hit by the coronavirus in China, said Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyễn Xuân Cường. 

China is a huge market for Vietnam's agricultural products, accounting for 22-24 percent of total exports, Cường said while making a statement at the conference to promote trade and develop agricultural production. 

“Deals for durian, sweet potato, bird nests, and jelly have been delayed,” Cường said. 

Moreover, Cường told that local agriculture and rural development departments to monitor the impact of the Wuhan outbreak in the coming months and report on concrete measures taken by the State, enterprises and the public. 

According to Deputy Minister Trần Thành Nam, coronavirus would have a negative impact on the trade of agricultural, forestry and fishery products between the two countries. 

Nam said the export of key fruits such as dragon fruit and watermelon to China are facing difficulties. 

 “These fruits are fresh and unprocessed. Although localities have offered guidance and adjusted production plans, local congestion and oversupply will still occur due to limited transactions at border gates,” Nam said. 

On Sunday, there were 333 containers with a capacity of 20 tonnes carrying agricultural products queuing at the northern province of Lạng Son, of which 190 were carrying dragon fruit. 

Moreover, dairy products are also forecast to face issues. Indian export to China also affected due to the deadly Corona Virus attack across the country.  

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