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Maharashtra Lockdown and its Impact on Farmers and Kharif Season

The state government is mulling over Maharashtra lockdown.

Shipra Singh
Chief Minister of Maharashtra Uddhav Thackeray
Chief Minister of Maharashtra Uddhav Thackeray

Maharashtra is witnessing a constant rise in Coronavirus cases, compelling the state government to mull about a complete lockdown. However, as per reports, a total lockdown is unlikely. Yet, the government is seriously thinking of imposing curfews and partial lockdowns, especially in major cities like Mumbai. Local trains of Mumbai will not be affected though.  

With the Kharif season about to begin, farmers are busy preparing their lands for Kharif crops. The news of lockdown might make the farming community nervous. But, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Uddhav Thackeray, has assured that the lockdown will create minimum impact on the state’s economy. In fact, according to him, this time it won’t be a lockdown, but a set of stricter restrictions throughout the state.  

At the same time, he has emphasized the need for deploying stricter rules in the lockdown to make sure huge gatherings do not happen at places. The Government can declare restrictions for restaurants, malls, private offices, public places, and pubs in order to break the chain of virus transmission. The administration may ask offices to allow only 50 per cent of employees in the office.  

Maharashtra lockdown is the buzzword these days, as it is creating anxiety among people, businesspeople, and also farmers. If there will be a total lockdown, how will farmers do the trading of their produce?  

It should be noted that the government does not plan to impose a complete lockdown like last year. So, farmers need not worry. Besides, it is seen that villages are not as adversely affected by this destructive virus as cities. Open air, fresh water, and huge spaces – these are the features of farmers’ fields. Farmers can visit their fields and carry on the activities without fear.  

Maharashtra has witnessed a surge in Coronavirus cases over the past two weeks. In September of 2020, 24,619 cases were reported. In March 2021, 35,726 cases have been reported. This is as per state reports. The numbers, themselves, speak of the worrisome scenario of the state.  

As an organization dedicated to the welfare of farmers and everybody related to agriculture at large, Krishi Jagran urges people to follow protocols and take responsibility of protecting themselves and their known ones from the rampant virus. Please wear a mask, wash hands frequently, practice social distancing, and, if eligible, take the vaccine shots.  

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