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Netizens Are Going Gaga Over a Toddler Getting Ready To Go Vegetable Shopping In a Viral Video

A video of a desi kid doing grocery shopping has gone popular on the internet. The internet is infatuated with the sweetness.

Chintu Das

Videos of lovely young kids doing charming and hilarious things on camera abound on the internet. The most recent new addition, though, is the greatest of the bunch.

For all the right reasons, an adorable video of a child getting ready to go vegetable shopping is making the rounds on social media.

In the video, the small boy is seen holding a jute bag that has a list of vegetable names. The mother begins the video by asking the child to read the names on the list aloud. "Kya kya likha hai ispe, kya kya likha hai?" (What exactly is written?)" inquires the woman.

Kabir, the adorable little kid, delightfully continues to recount the list despite mispronouncing the majority of the names.

Here's more about the viral video:

The video was shared on Instagram by the 'TinTin Ka Bacha' page, which has received thousands of likes and comments. Netizens flocked to the video as soon as it was released online, showering it with likes and affection.

"Made my day," one person said. "It's quite adorable," said another.

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