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Netizens Stunned By Amul’s New Ice Cream With ‘Isabgol’ Flavour

Many people are outraged by the concept of combining isabgol, a dietary fibre also known as Psyllium Husk that promotes laxation, with ice cream.

Chintu Das
Amul Dairy Brand
Amul Dairy Brand

Ice cream flavours and combinations of nuts never fail to entice dessert enthusiasts. Everyone is enticed by ice cream, and many enjoy a scoop alone or with family and friends.

Amul, a dairy brand, has introduced a new ice cream flavour named Isabcool, but netizens are not delighted. The diary company used Instagram on Sunday to unveil Isabcool, posting a poster that said, “Goodness of Isabgol with cashew and fig.” “Introducing the all-new Isabcool Kaju Anjir. A royal treat for your sweet tooth and belly,” read the caption.

Many people are offended by the notion of combining isabgol, a dietary fibre also known as Psyllium Husk that promotes laxation, with ice cream. "How about Dolo 650 ice cream?" suggested one user. "Next, they'll create a flavour using Roko and name it Rokool," another person speculated.

Twitter users gathered to express their displeasure when Nandita Iyer uploaded a screenshot of Amul's Isabgol with the comment "No thanks." "Wonder whose shitty idea this was," Iyer said in the comments section. 

Funny reactions flooded Iyer’s comment section, “Amul launching Isabgol icecream Nobody : Literally nobody: Constipated folks: Wow ! Can’t wait for it to come out,” one person remarked. "They were inspired by a series of awful street food you did back!" said another user.

In another instance, a few days ago Anand Agricultural University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the transfer of liquid biofertilizer technology, which helps farmers reduce their reliance on chemical fertilizers. Dr. MK Jhala, director of research and dean of postgraduate studies, and Amit Vyas, managing director of Dairy, signed the MoU in the presence of AAU vice-chancellor Dr. K B Kathiria.

AAU and Amul Dairy will collaborate to effectively transfer liquid biofertilizer technology to reduce the usage of chemical fertilizers in agriculture.

"It is by Prime Minister Modi's commitment to serving the interests of Indian farmers and making Indian agriculture 'Atma Niobrara by promoting eco-friendly products," according to an AAU announcement.

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