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Understanding the History and Importance of International Tea Day

Amit Bhatt
Amit Bhatt
Make your Tea
Make your Tea

International Tea Day, announced in 2019 and to be celebrated for the 2nd time in 2021 will emphasize the importance of tea to its lovers and the society. This day will celebrate the history and the culture based around tea. The goal of United Nations in observing this day is to ensure availability of Tea around the world through sustainable agriculture and work towards ensuring a good quality of life for the associated farmers and traders. 

Earlier, the International Tea day was celebrated by tea loving countries on 15th December since 2005. In 2015 a proposal was sent to UN to make the day truly global and UN accepted it in 2019. FAO selected 21st may as the day to celebrate Tea. Tea production starts in most countries in May hence the choice for this day in May.   

This beverage can be enjoyed alone or as part of a group. It's best to drink it hot to maximize the flavours of tea leaves, milk and sugar. There is no standard way of preparing teas, as they vary based on the ingredients and the final tea that you want. In India the popular way to prepare tea is boil tea leaves with water, add sugar for taste and herbs as you like and then once this mixture comes to boil add milk, now wait till it boils again, take it off the gas.

Use a tea strainer to get the tea in an edible form. Millions of people not only in India but across the world, like in Asian countries and European counties like UK enjoy a cuppa in the morning and evening. 

There are many types of teas, but I am listing the most popular ones: White tea, Green tea, Yellow tea, Oolong tea, Black tea or Dark tea (or post-fermented tea). Tea has been with us for thousands of years and records state that it was used for its medicinal qualities. The western world was introduced to it after it expanded its trade horizons towards east, around 16th Century. 

Tea is so popular as it improves the quality of life of its drinkers. Some people may get addicted to it due to presence of caffeine in it, but it’s widely believed to be non-addictive. It has caffeine in much small quantity compared with the competing drink Coffee. It is rich in antioxidants, some of the teas are good for detox. It reduces heart attack risks, protects our bones and can form an important part of your weight loss diet. 

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