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World Agri Tourism Day celebrated with a special Conference and an Awards Ceremony

Amit Bhatt
Amit Bhatt
World Agri Tourism Day
World Agri Tourism Day

Tomorrow is 16th of May, the World Agri Tourism Day. It will be the 14th occasion when it will be celebrated by India and the world. The purposes of Agri tourism are many - it is not only educational for the tourist, looking at how agricultural activities take place in the real farms but also refreshing. They get the fresh air of the agricultural land, they get to taste fresh produce from the farm. They learn that what they simply pick from the store is produced with great effort by the farmers if they buy these raw. As for processed products they can see the activities that take place after farming, like for your pickles and papads.

Enough talk about how you will benefit, now let's see how the farmers offering you accommodation, food, guided tours, lessons will benefit. The farmers usually provide you a full package for a day tour or a multiple day tour, in which case you will need accommodation. You will be welcomed, provided itinerary which you can already have if you booked through a good travel agent.

Your trips will provide money to the farmers, the farmers will be employed and busy showing you around. You will learn something from the farmers and the farmers will learn something from you. You will need transport and this will genera employment in the transportation sector. Who knows some of you may plan your own farms. The farmers will learn about city life and may want to see what they have to offer.

Ministry of tourism is more than willing to help rural farmers in setting up avenues for Agri tourism in their area. This year ‘INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON AGRI-TOURISM’ is being held online on the virtual platform. This is a 2 day conference which will host speakers from around the world. “WORLD AGRI TOURISM AWARDS 2021” awards will be simultaneously distributed to the winners.

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