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World Tuna Day emphasizes the importance of Tuna to fish lovers

Amit Bhatt
Amit Bhatt
World Tuna Day 2021

Tuna is one of the most consumed fish on the planet. Any western or developed country you go to, you cannot escape from tuna sandwiches or tuna with baked potatoes. You can find it in cans in upscale markets in India. These fish are stored with brine or other preservatives to last for a long time in cans. Fish cutlets made out of tuna are quite popular in South Indian restaurants. It's eaten raw in Japan.

These fish are found in oceans all around the world and in different sizes. The word "tuna" derives from "Thunnus" in ancient Greek which means "to dart" or "to rush". It is a highly commercialized fish which earns good profits for the fishermen and its processing provide employment to a number of persons. The fishermen have the option of selling these at the market or to the big processing company. And you can have it on your plate in a cafe or a restaurant.

There have been verbal fights over tuna between fish eating countries. Some countries accuse other countries of fishing in their territory. Companies in these countries have contract with the fishermen for supplying them tuna fishes and to make money these fishermen go into the ocean where the tuna fishes are. This may lead to extinction of this variety of fishes in the end.

Hence fisheries are being followed as another method to produce these fishes, but it is much more expensive method than to catch these free from the sea. As human population increases, so does the demand for tuna. A number of reports have been published with recommendations on fishing but very few have been followed.

First time World Tuna Day was celebrated on 2nd May in 2017. This date was chosen, so that the world will be aware of what tuna is and why is it important? Tomorrow is 2nd May again and this is the 5th time the world is celebrating Tuna. Tuna is even more popular during Corona Pandemic.

Greenpeace in 2010 added some varieties of tuna to their red listed fishes as they suspected that fishing may wipe out these varieties from the oceans forever. They claim that these are beautiful fast swimming fishes, and must be conserved.

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