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Yogi Government to Directly Transfer Rs 1100 to Students' Parents for Buying Uniforms

-Uttar Pradesh has taken an important decision for the children studying in the basic schools of the state and this decision will be applicable to the government schools of the state from today. In fact, Rs 1100 will be transferred through DBT in the bank accounts of the parents of 1.80 crore students studying in the schools of the Basic Education Council of the state.

Ayushi Raina
Yogi meeting students
Yogi meeting students

Uttar Pradesh has made an important decision for the children studying in the state's basic schools, and this decision will be implemented in the state's government schools beginning today.

In fact Rs.1100 would be transferred via DBT into the bank accounts of the parents of 1.80 crore students enrolled in the state's Basic Education Council schools. Parents will be able to purchase school costumes, sweaters, shoes, socks, and bags for their children with this money. This initiative will be launched today by the Chief Minister. Until now, children's clothes were purchased through a tender process and provided in schools. 

At present, the government has issued orders to deposit money in the accounts of parents for this scheme, which can only be used to purchase children's uniforms, shoe-stockings, school bags, and sweaters. According to the information, the state administration has also set prices for purchasing children's clothing and other products. According to this, two pairs of dresses will be purchased at a cost of Rs.300 each, and a sweater will be purchased at a cost of Rs.200. Whereas Rs.125 will be granted for shoe-stocking and Rs.175 will be given for school bag. 

Government issued directives to district education officers 

Currently, the government has ordered that money be delivered to the parents' accounts in lieu of the commodities indicated for the children by issuing letters to all of the state's basic education officers. At the same time, parents will be required to purchase uniform, sweater, shoe-stocking, and school bag within a week of receiving the money. Yogi Adityanath, the state's chief minister, would launch this initiative today by sending funds to the accounts of some parents in the evening. According to reports, the Chief Minister will activate DBT on Saturday evening and the funds would be sent to the parents' accounts. 

The colour and design have not changed 

At the moment, the state government has made no adjustments to the children's school uniforms or designs. The colour and style of school bags, sweaters, uniforms, and shoe-stockings will be the same as last year.

At the same time, some argue that this money is insufficient to purchase items for the children because so much stuff cannot be purchased at once with so little money in today's inflationary economy. However, the government has taken this action to prevent corruption in the tender process. 

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