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These Kids Farmers are an Inspiration for all School Students

Priyanka Menon
Priyanka Menon
Jaya Lakshmi
Jaya Lakshmi

These child farmers have proven that the mind is more important than age to cultivate. Yes, it is about Ms. Jayalakshmi who has won the Kerala State Government's Karshaka Tilaka Award for Best Farmer among School Students this year, and Amarnath who won the Kerala State Government’s Best Student Farmer Talent award this year.

Jayalakshmi, a 10th class student of NSS Girls School, Pathanamthitta, received the award recently. Jayalakshmi is the daughter of KS Sanjeev, an employee of a private company in Bangalore, and Deepti, a polytechnic teacher. Today her house is a tent full of various vegetables. Jayalakshmi stays here most of the time when she is not busy with her studies. After all, Jayalakshmi loves her farm and farming. Jayalakshmi is now an inspiration not only among her classmates but also across society. Jayalakshmi’s interest in agriculture is not inherited or acquired through any training. She kept in mind her passion for flowers since childhood and when she grew up she transformed it into a passion for a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Along with home gardening, Jayalakshmi also leads the school's agricultural activities. Jayalakshmi first set up her Vegetable Garden by collecting, cultivating, and germinating seeds bought from the shop. All farming is completely organic. The exact timing of each crop and its timely care are accurately documented. This teenager claims that farming can be successful if it is grown scientifically and systematically. Not only the family but also the school authorities and the Department of Agriculture are supporting Jayalakshmi with all the help and encouragement. It is commendable that Jayalakshmi has been able to earn an income from farming at such a young age.

Next, we can speak about Amarnath who won the Kerala State Government's Best Student Farmer Talent Award this year for his 100 cents in organic farming on his backyard and terrace.

Amarnath, the son of Ajith Kumar and Priya, is an eighth-grade student of Chinmaya Vidyalaya. About fifty types of vegetables are grown on Amarnath's farm. His grandfather Mohan Kutty Nair was the first to teach him the lessons of agriculture. The Amarnath family is famous for their backyard farming. Amarnath is accompanied by his family and Agriculture Department officials for all possible encouragement and assistance. It was during the covid period that Amarnath became fully engaged in agriculture. Before this, only the time left for school was used for farming.

Amarnath has successfully grown vegetables such as beetroot, cauliflower, cabbage, and radish. It is cultivated completely organically. The drip irrigation system has been utilized for irrigation. This kid farmer uses fish amino acid, egg amino acid, and vermicompost for better yield. After using the vegetables for home consumption, local marketing is also done here. This little genius has taken the lead in agricultural activities not only at home but also at school. Amarnath is s the state champion in the Martial arts and a small celebrity not only at home but also at his native place.

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