We believe in the Hardship of a Farmer and want our farmer community to prosper. Lets take your brand to the masses.

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FTB Monthly Mahotsav ia mega-event, organized every first Sunday or every month, where farmers across the nation comes on FTB platform and share their ideas, problems & success stories. Want to take your brand to the next level? Register today.

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Herbal Tea Business in Aurangabad:  It’s Production, Testing and Marketing

Herbal Tea Business in Aurangabad: It’s Production, Testing and Marketing

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Manjula Arivezhil

Manjula Arivezhil

Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu

Organic Farming…

Abey P John

Abey P John

Kollam, Kerala




Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu


Blaizy George

Blaizy George

Kozhikode, Kerala

The Farm Story…

Nilisha Satish Betal

Nilisha Satish Betal

Amravati, Maharashtra

Sunny Sticky Traps…

Mr. Kunjumon & Mrs. Geetha Kumari

Mr. Kunjumon & Mrs. Geetha Kumari

Idukki, Kerala

Aiswarya food products…

S. Duraiswamy

S. Duraiswamy

Karur, Tamil Nadu

Balaram Agro...…

Aditya Subhash Andhale

Aditya Subhash Andhale

Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Om Sai Poultry & Incubators…

Jayant  Atreta

Jayant Atreta

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

V Care Apple Farm…

Our Story

A huge number of farmers are there who have broken all their barriers, being innovative have developed their own ideas into reality and even have a will to aware, influence and support others for the same. Thus, these farmers are being recognized and given platform of Krishi Jagran to brand themselves.

We endeavor to support Vocal for Local by making yet local worthy farmers, themselves a brand and help dissemination of knowledge throughout the world.

The initiative also seeks the support of corporate firms to sponsor and endorse the farmers by promoting them, being Krishi Jagran as mediator providing all the digital platforms.

Vocal for Local

With the debut of Vocal, for Local, the country is all set to transform into a self-reliant world of people and so are we, with our Farmer – The Brand theme.

#farmerthebrand ventures to vocalize and celebrate the millions of local farmers who work in acres to feed the world.

We support and salute all our farmer heroes to be recognized, promoted through the FTB platform. This will be our first step towards making India self-sufficient and self-reliable.

#ftb Way Forward

FTB aims to acknowledge enormous number of progressive farmers, transfiguring them into Brands of India, who deserve to be known and recognized all over the world for their products or innovativeness.

Join us on the #FTB mission

Who: Progressive farmers who have excelled in their field through scientific learning and experiential knowledge over the years.

What to do: Be live on Krishi Jagran's podium, branding himself/herself, sharing ideas and experiences to the whole world.

Why: To market himself, his thoughts, ideas, technology, products and be a voice for Vocal, the Local