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Story of a successful Business in Organic Manure: Producing and Promoting

Amit Bhatt
Amit Bhatt
Jitendra Aatodiya

Jitendra Aatodiya introduced himself by naming his village, which he belongs to, Dhaturiya village located in Ratlam Tehsil of Ratlam district in Madhya Pradesh. He has graduated with B.Sc. Agriculture and has keen interest in Organic and Natural farming 

He has been an Organic Farmer for last one and a half year. For farming with this method he required organic fertilizers or organic manure, which was difficult to obtain as there is huge demand and not enough such fertilizers available. The manure that is available is very expensive so he started the production of manure himself, in which he has been fairly successful. He has been able to produce  enough manure, so as to be able to supply it to the local farmers.  

He hopes that availability of this organic manure will drive these farmers towards organic farming and stop their use of chemicals in their farm which is dangerous for the soil and our health. These organic manure have no adverse effects on the soil and soil stays healthy with it. He also mentioned that you need to apply the fertilizers multiple times in a year for effective production, while your soil will remain fertile for two years with just one application of organic manure. 

Organic Manure

Organic farming is more productive than Inorganic farming. However for those shifting from inorganic to organic the farm output will be lesser than earlier as the chemicals that are mixed with the soil and their effect will take some time  to wither away before the organic manure takes over. In the first year you will need to apply lots of organic manure and in three years the effect of the chemicals will be neutralized. Your output will increase per year on such farms and if you shift back to chemicals in your farm you will loose the productivity of your farm.  

He hopes that his organic manure will start a trend in his region and every farmer will shift to Organic farming. He prepares most of his manure through vermicompost method, which has all the necessary elements but in lesser quantity.  

The Vermicompost Plant

He started his business after completing his graduation and took a loan for the business. He repeated a number of times the benefits of organic methods of farming over inorganic methods. Big companies sell the manure at unaffordable rates whereas he is providing it for Rs. 7 per Kg. He continued that he has a small plant but his work has been rewarded with profits.  

He said that anyone interested in Organic farming or Organic manure can contact him through whatsapp at 7389269659. You can contact him for sales or consultation. He suggested that landless farmer can grow plants in pots with soil and vermicompost. This way they will be able to grow fruits and vegetables.  

Crops, fruits and vegetables grown organically will make the diseases stay away and keep you healthy. Your body's immunity will increase and you will lead a healthy lifestyle. The inorganically grown food products have chemicals in them which can be extremely dangerous.  To see the video yourself click here.

Jitendra Aatodiya

Jitendra Aatodiya

Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh

Aatodiya vermi agritech

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