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10 Amazing Health Benefits of Lotus You Should Know

Priyanka Menon
Priyanka Menon
Lotus flower
Lotus flower

Flowers can be used not only for decoration, beauty, fragrance and worship, but also for health and immunity purposes. At least 25 percent of the average household income is spent on treatment and health care in one way or another. Flower treatment is one way to reduce the cost of treatment in this situation where the life burden of the common man is increasing.

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Many flowers in India can be used for first aid and other medical purposes. The Lotus is an important mythological and sacred flower. The scientific name is Nelumbo nucifera. Lotus belongs to the family Nelumbonaceae. The lotus is also a good medicine used for worship and decoration. In addition to flowers, lotus seeds, leaves, stalks, roots and tubers can also be used medicinally.

Lotus Benefits

  • If there is bleeding from the uterus, keep eating lotus infusion. It is effective even if there is bleeding during pregnancy.

  • Eating dried lotus and drinking boiled water of lotus increases sperm count.

  • Honey from the lotus is a special medicine for eye diseases. The honey of the lotus is an ingredient in many medicines

  • To remove body odor, dry petals of the lotus, the petals of the rose, and apply the mixture to the body. This will keep the body warm; It also helps to get rid of sweat.

  • Mixture of the dried lotus and add one teaspoon each to milk to increase body strength.

  • 6. For cracks on the skin, apply the mixture of lotus, gooseberry, and sandalwood

  • Lotus syrup is a remedy for hemorrhoids and dehydration in women.

  • Applying a mixture of lotus leaves and gooseberry is a relief for headaches.

  • Roasting the stamens of the lotus and the underside of the lotus will cure diarrhea.

  • Fry a cup of lily petals and a cup of rose petals and set aside. Dissolve three tablespoon of sugar powder in enough water and heat it with two cardamom powder. Add roasted lotus and rose petals and fry well. Take one teaspoon twice a day to relieve urinary infections. And eliminates body fatigue.

Lotus Seed Medications

Soak the lotus seeds in hot water for some time. After that, and eat it with grinded seeds of lotus and sugar, diarrhea will subside. Researchers also say that neferine, an alkaloid ingredient in lotus, which is a precautionary measure against cancer. The seeds can be applied for leprosy and other skin diseases.

Medicinal properties of Lotus leaves

  • According to Chinese folk medicine, lotus leaves and roots can be boiled in water to regulate the menstrual cycle.

  • Mix lotus leaves and green tea and apply it to the face to get rid of acne. It can be used for dehydration and inflammation.

  • The leaves can be rubbed on the scalp for headaches.

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