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6 Surprising Benefits of Panam Kizhangu (Palmyra Sprout)

M Kanika
M Kanika
Panam Kizhangu (Palmyra Sprout)
Panam Kizhangu (Palmyra Sprout)

The Palmyra Sprout is obtained from the Palmyra palm or toddy palm or Borassus Flabellifer. The Palmyra palm tree is similar to the Coconut tree in look wise but while comparing it is shorter in height and have a fan-shaped leave along with pointed tips.

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The Palmyra palm is also known as a “Kalpvrisksha or miracle Tree” because all parts of the tree are used for many purposes. The legendary palm tree is the reason behind palm sugar, pathaneer (sweet toddy- a natural delicious beverage). Its leaves are used to make roof of the house & a fibre broom, making fibre ropes and the delicious things like tadgola/ ice-apple and palmyra sprout. The Palmyra palm is called as Panangkilangu in Tamil Nadu & Thegalu in Telugu.

The Palmyra palm is found in the regions of Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa & Bihar. It is also cultivated in some parts of Palghar.

Palmyra sprout is one of the oldest fibre, which is rich in Southern India foods. They can be eaten raw or by roasting or boiling them with a pinch of salt. The fibre content in Palmyra sprout reduces the hunger and prevents overeating.  

Cultivation of Palmyra Sprout

A shallow pit is dug & the palm seed is placed very close to each other and it is watered regularly. It started to germinate within a month or more. Then the pit is dug up to remove Palmyra Sprouts. The sprout is separated and both root & tip are chopped off. Then, it is peeled to remove the outer cover. Their season is mainly from January - March.

The Palmyra Sprout has many hidden nutritional properties that we have mentioned below:

Nutritional properties of Palmyra Sprout 

  • Rich in Fibre

  • Rich in Calcium

  • Rich in Iron

  • Rich in Magnesium

  • High Protein Content

  • Low in Glycemic Index

Rich in Fibre

Palmyra Sprout is loaded with fibre content. It is best known for its ability to prevent or relieve constipation by normalizing bowel movements.

Fibre is the type of carbohydrate, which our body cannot digest or absorb, which helps to lower our blood cholesterol and also lowers the glucose level by keeping us full for long time and preventing overeating.

Many studies have suggested that the increase in dietary fibre intake reduces the risk of developing the cardiovascular disease & cancers.

Rich in Calcium

Palmyra Sprout contains a good amount of calcium which is essential for the muscle contraction, building strong bones & teeth. It prevents age related bone disorders like Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis etc.,  

Rich in Iron

Palmyra Sprout are rich in iron, which is a mineral vital to proper function of hemoglobin & the protein needed to transport oxygen to the blood. Iron promotes healthy pregnancy, increases the energy and better athletic performance.

To prevent iron deficiency:

  • Boil Palmyra Sprout with turmeric in water

  • Let it dry under the sunlight

  • Grind them & mix them with palm jaggery

  • Eating this powder on regular basis, prevents he iron deficiency anemia in common females.

Rich in Magnesium

Palmyra Sprout contains magnesium, which is used to maintain the cardiovascular health. It helps to regulate the blood pressure and also production of cholesterol.

High Protein Content

Palmyra Sprout contains significant source of protein. As everyone knows that protein is an important component of each and every cell in the body. The body uses proteins to build & repair tissues. It also uses proteins to make hormones, enzymes & other body chemicals.

Unlike carbohydrates & fat, the body does not store proteins & there is no reservoir for protein. So, eating this food can help you to keep your protein level good.

Low in Glycemic Index

The glycemic index is the relative ranking of carbohydrates in foods according to how they affect the glucose level. Foods with low glycemic index get digested slowly inside the body, absorbed & metabolized.

It causes lower & slower rise in blood glucose according to the adjusted insulin response. Palmyra Sprout is a suitable food for blood glucose.  

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