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Bitter Gourd Juice is Great for Winters

Anju M U
Anju M U
bitter gourd
Bitter gourd

In winters, we all must eat healthy food to protect our bodies fromthe cold weather.  There are many vegetables and fruits that help you to deal with multiple health issues and infections throughout the season.

Bitter gourd is one notable fruit (mostly consumed as a vegetable) which will help you cope with the bone-chilling cold and other health issues. 

Due to its bitter taste, many people doesn’t like it but if you come to know about its vast benefits then definitely you would include it in your diet. In winters, you can use it as juice or in any liquid form. The bitter gourd juice can be prepared by adding it to a blender with small pieces of ginger, turmeric, black pepper and black salt.

Benefits of Bitter Gourd

Below we have mentioned the benefits of bitter gourd and how it works for winter. 

Improves blood levels 

Consuming bitter gourd juice on empty stomach in the morning helps to flush out toxins from your body.

It thus fosters iron level, which ultimately help you to purify the blood. It is good for the skin and overall health.  

Regulate sugar levels 

Due to the presence of compounds that act like insulin in the human body, bitter gourd is good for blood sugar levels. It means that it is good for balancing insulin levels and regulating blood sugar levels. 

Cleans digestive system 

Consuming bitter gourd will ultimately help you to clean the digestive system. The edible green bitter is liver-friendly.

It boosts liver enzymes and reduces alcohol deposits in the liver. It thus cleanses the system naturally and keeps the metabolism intact. Moreover, bitter gourd is packed with polyphenols, which plays a crucial part to lower inflammation in the body. 

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